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Metal Rods

We provide phosphate pretreatment solutions PHOS-PREP® for ferrous & non-ferrous materials with traditional & eco-friendly chemistries, whilst maintaining quality and performance.


PHOS-PREP® PP 920 is a “dry-in-place” replacement for chromate-based products for the pre-treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloys, as well as magnesium and zinc (ie: galvanised surfaces). A very pale surface finish is produced, eliminating the possibility of pre-treatment staining being visible through the final coating. PP920 provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance after subsequent painting or powder coating, and requires no post-rinsing. It is said to be ideal for hard water areas. The process operates at temperatures between 15℃ and 35℃, with an immersion time of between two and three minutes. It is also suitable for spray application between 10 and 30 seconds.

Process time is similar to an existing Alochrom process, which means that existing plant layouts or process times do not have to be altered. It eliminates the post rinse stage resulting in no effluent.

The PHOS-PREP® PP 920 process requires pre-cleaning of the aluminium substrate, either with the company’s PP932 ambient acid etch degreaser or PP933 alkaline aluminium etch degreaser. These products remove the oxides present on the surface to allow the correct conversion reaction to take place and ensure effective bonding of the paint or powder to the treated surface.

Consumption rates for the above products are 10ml/m2 of substrate treated (ie: 100 square metres will use one litre of product). The products PP920, PP932 and PP933 can be used in existing equipment immersion or multi-stage spray application and control is simple with full acid and free acid titration. The processes meet BS6496 and BS EN ISO 12206 2004 (Paint and Varnishes Coatings of Aluminium for architectural purposes) although PTS recommends potential users to undertake independent testing.

Dry-In-Place for aluminium, plus galvanised Zinc and Magnesium.


A completely chromium-free conversion coating. This clean technology product is a direct replacement for traditional pre-treatments on aluminium, mild steel and zinc based substrates.

PHOS-PREP® 971 T is a zirconium/titanium based single-stage process, which runs like a conventional iron phosphate conversion coating. It has been shown in independent tests to provide up to a 1000 hours neutral salt spray on iron and steel, and 3000 hours on aluminium, when used with a rinse seal PHOS-PREP® PP 973.

PHOS-PREP® 971 T is accelerated and gives a very high conversion coating efficiency. This ensures minimal removal of material from the metal surface resulting in very low levels of sludge and a long bath life (up to three years) – Bath consumption is as much as 50% less than traditional phosphate baths. Only weekly checking and infrequent replenishment is required. Solution concentrations are easily controlled by simple titration. Due to the high efficiency of the product, energy requirements are also reduced. VOC, BOD and COD emissions are also minimised.

An advanced chrome-free, multi-metal pre-treatment technology to replace high cost and ecologically harmful iron and zinc phosphates.

The product is suitable for either soak or spray application and as it is a single-stage process (the cleaning-stage is eliminated). This reduces process time, cost, and increases throughput. The resultant conversion coat is resistant to high temperature accelerated adhesion tests.

Early users of PHOS-PREP® 971 T include automotive components, shop fittings, medical cabinet manufacturers, powder coating subcontractors and architectural aluminium manufacturers. The conventional iron and zinc phosphate process has been replaced with this new clean technology process and have resulted in production benefits, with improved surface coating performance.

We also supply a full range of PHOS-PREP® ® solutions, please see our products page

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